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How to monitor Windows Host by Nagios Core

This is the time to add and monitor Windows host by Nagios Core NMS. We need NSClient++ addon to be downloaded and installed on Windows host that is required to be monitored. Download NSClient++: –  Install it, give NMS Server’s IP and Password when asked during setup. – Finish Setup – Edit config file, set Server’s IP in “Allowed …

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How to monitor Linux host by Nagios Core

In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to monitor Linux host by Nagios Core NMS. I’ll be adding CentOS client host. Installing NRPE (on  Client Host): Now, we’ll install NRPE on client host to let its services be checked and monitored by NMS Server. Installing Required Deps: Download & Installing NRPE along with XinetD: Add Nagios User & Group: Configure …

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Installing PNP4Nagios for Nagios on CentOS


In this tutorial, I’ll be installing PNP4Nagios for Nagios to draw graphs on Nagios NMS Server’s Web UI. Download PNP4Nagios: Installing Required Dependencies:   Extract & Install PNP4Nagios:   Edit Nagios.cfg, enable “process_performance_data” and add following lines at last: Edit commands.cfg and add following lines at last:     Edit “templates.cfg” and add following in Generic-host and Generic-service portions …

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Installing Nagios Core on CentOS


Installing Nagios Core on CentOS 5 / 6 & 7 In this tutrial I will install Nagios Core (one of the most powerful and opensource NMS) with Nagios Plugins and NRPE on CentOS version 7, steps for CentOS 5 & 6 also included. Tools / Addons used in this tutorial: Operating System:           CentOS 7 Nagios Core  – Nagios Plugins  …

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ProFTPd Error: no valid servers configured

I was struggling to get this working in one of the server while starting ProFTPd service. Even re-installing it didn’t resolve the issue. Following are the lines shown in log file:     SOLUTION: Finally I got it resolved and back on the track by adding Domain to IP resolution in hosts file at:  /etc/hosts Adding following lines resolved this …

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Installing Snorby on Ubuntu for Snort with Barnyard2

In this guide, I’ll go through installation and Configuration of Snorby as a front-end of Snort IDS. Before this, Snort must be installed and configured. If that’s not done yet, please follow following link: – Install and Configure Snort HIDS with Barnyard2, Base & MySQL on Ubuntu – Installing Snort Sensor on Windows Host with Remote Snort +MySQL using WinIDS …

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