Wednesday , July 18 2018
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How to Modify GRUB Bootloader version 2


I’m going to show you how can we edit and modify GRUB Bootloader version 2, as in my case, I use Windows 10 along with Kali Linux 2.0 as Multi-Booting host operating systems. By default, Kali Linux becomes primary OS to boot into unless any interaction is given by user at Boot Menu Screen. – In Kali Linux, or any …

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How to monitor Linux host by Nagios Core

In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to monitor Linux host by Nagios Core NMS. I’ll be adding CentOS client host. Installing NRPE (on  Client Host): Now, we’ll install NRPE on client host to let its services be checked and monitored by NMS Server. Installing Required Deps: Download & Installing NRPE along with XinetD: Add Nagios User & Group: Configure …

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