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Installing & Configuring WingIDE on Kali Linux (64-bit)

kali with wingide

Wingware Python IDE a.k.a. Wing IDE is a full-featured Python IDE designed for professional programmers. It includes powerful editor, code intelligence, refactoring, debugging, search, unit testing, project management, and revision control features. Let us Install and Configure WingIDE on Kali Linux. Let us begin. Softwares Versions I used to Install are: WingIDE I’m going to install is Professional, as I …

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Kali Linux Error: following packages have unmet dependencies


While installing DHCP Server on Kali Linux, I faced following error: Shown Below: After doing some Google search, I came across that I’ve made some changes previously in “/etc/apt/sources.list” file. I set the sources list to the defaults as described on Kali Linux support forum as:   As shown in below Screen capture: Then Save & Exit clean previous Apt-Get …

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Installing and Configuring Snare Agent on Hosts


In this tutorial, I will be installing and configuring snare agent on hosts for monitoring them with OSSIM Open-source SIEM. Let’s get started… – Download Snare Client edition from:    – Enable Snare Plugin on OSSIM Server by Installing Snare Agent on Windows Client: – Current latest file Downloaded is “SnareForWindows-” – Execute downloaded “SnareForWindows-XXXX-MultiArchOpenSource.exe“. – Select option “Yes” when setup …

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Configuring OSSEC Clients with OSSIM


Adding OSSEC Agents for Vulnerability and Files Integrity Scanning: In this tutorial I’ll be installing OSSEC agents on Windows and Linux Client machines to be monitored by OSSIM SIEM. For configuring OSSEC clients with OSSIM, we need OSSEC agent be downloaded and installed on hosts, but first, we’ll enable/activate OSSEC Plugin on OSSIM Server. To enable OSSEC Plugin on OSSIM …

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Installing and Configuring AlienVault OSSIM OpenSource SIEM


In this tutorial, I’ll be installing and configuring AlienVault OSSIM OpenSource SIEM. Its current latest version is 4.14.0. I have downloaded its ISO image from alienvault official website, you may download AlienVault OSSIM from following given official link:   Installation of AlienVault OSSIM:   AlienVault OSSIM Download: Now, I’ll be demonstrating OSSIM installation step-by-step. 1- First of all, burn …

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Installing Snorby on Ubuntu for Snort with Barnyard2

In this guide, I’ll go through installation and Configuration of Snorby as a front-end of Snort IDS. Before this, Snort must be installed and configured. If that’s not done yet, please follow following link: – Install and Configure Snort HIDS with Barnyard2, Base & MySQL on Ubuntu – Installing Snort Sensor on Windows Host with Remote Snort +MySQL using WinIDS …

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Snort Sensor on Windows with Remote Snort using WinIDS

This article is about Installing Snort on Windows Host and monitoring it with Remote Snort Server configured with MySQL Database & Barnyard2. More: – Install and Configure Snort HIDS with Barnyard2, Base & MySQL on Ubuntu – Installing Snorby on Ubuntu for Snort with Barnyard2     Install DotNet Framework 3, on windows 7, 8, Server 2008/2012, use following command: …

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