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Kali Linux Error: following packages have unmet dependencies


While installing DHCP Server on Kali Linux, I faced following error: Shown Below: After doing some Google search, I came across that I’ve made some changes previously in “/etc/apt/sources.list” file. I set the sources list to the defaults as described on Kali Linux support forum as:   As shown in below Screen capture: Then Save & Exit clean previous Apt-Get …

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Configuring BIND DNS Server on pfSense Firewall


In this tutorial, I’ll be configuring BIND DNS Server on pfSense Firewall for Domains Names Lookup for internal as well as external network. 1- First of all, install BIND package from pfSense provided packages at: “System” Menu   >   “Packages”   >   “Available Packages”  > Search for “BIND”   Click on button in front of BIND package. It will start installation of …

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When I used “check_dig” plugin to monitor DNS Resolution on TMG Gateway server using NSClient++, I faced following error:   Solution: To resolve this issue, first lets check what will provided file: Result on CentOS 7 64bit is: Let’s install required Addon: I’ve installed this as installing “glibc-2.17-55.el7.i686” gave me Error. Now, test if the script is working now: …

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ProFTPd Error: no valid servers configured

I was struggling to get this working in one of the server while starting ProFTPd service. Even re-installing it didn’t resolve the issue. Following are the lines shown in log file:     SOLUTION: Finally I got it resolved and back on the track by adding Domain to IP resolution in hosts file at:  /etc/hosts Adding following lines resolved this …

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